Organic Cotton Linen Hemp Clothing Home Products Made By Rawganique in USA Canada Europe
We manufacture unique chemical-free clothing, footwear, & home products in-house: we grow, weave, knit & sew for true sweatshop-free purity. No dioxin, formaldehyde, GMO, or pesticides. Animal friendly. Shipping from US & Canada. We homestead off-grid.


Organic cotton linen hemp products: clothes, bed, bath, footwear, and bodycare. Sweatshop-free. Handcrafted end-to-end by Rawganique in USA, Canada, & Europe since 1997. Featuring chemical-free elastic-free organic cotton, linen, and hemp socks, underwear, T-shirts, and clothing.

Hello there! We're so glad to have you here. What's new at Rawganique? Free shipping on most orders over $250. Plus many closeouts as we make room for new styles. And elastic-free 100% organic cotton socks and elastic-free 100% organic linen boxers and socks! We now ship from BC and WA.

Looking for last-minute gifts? Rawganique Gift Certificates are the perfect answer.

Our organic products feature organic cotton, linen, and hemp grown in USA and Europe, colors by nature, natural dyes, and low-impact biodegradable dyes. We don't make anything in China or India. We ship worldwide.

"Thank you so much Rawganique for revealing the countries of origin of your fibers and your products! So many companies hide behind the vague "imported" nomenclature when it's obvious most "imported" things are now made in China or India! Kudos to you. I avoid products from China in my life because of the lack of transparency in their manufacturing processes and disregard for human and animal rights." — L. N. (Texas)

Did you know that we homestead off-the-grid on a small island and grow our own organic foods year-round? Rawganique is founded by vegan hemp-loving organic-obsessed GMO-shunning island homesteading animal-loving raw foodists.

Rawganique's claim to fame? Elastic-free 100% organic cannabis hemp socks, underwear, & T-shirts; Handmade leather-free hemp shoes & slippers; 100% organic cotton socks, underwear, & T-shirts; 100% hemp shower curtain & window treatments; 100% organic linen socks, underwear, & T-shirts; 100% hemp yoga mats, 100% hemp yoga pants; 100% organic cotton, linen, & hemp towels and bed sheets; 100% hemp pillows; 100% organic eyeshades and facemasks; 100% organic one-ingredient shampoo and soaps; organic hemp backpacks; organic cotton bras, and so much more!

We are a small planet-friendly animal-friendly people-friendly manufacturer of organic cotton linen hemp apparel products.

How do we make leather-free shoes and bags? With 4000 year old fibers, centuries-old cobbling techniques, and lots of craftsmanship. Did you know that cannabis hemp shoes are light, breathable, comfy, and healthy? No more smelly feet trapped in sweat! No more chemicals next to your skin.

Got multiple chemical sensitivities, TILT, or MCS? Allergic to latex, lycra, spandex, or elastic? Or do you dislike toxic chemicals in general? Our hypoallergenic products are the solution. We offer handcrafted organic products that are chemical-free, elastic-free, PVC-free, GMO-free, pesticide-free, dioxin-free, formaldehyde-free, latex-free, and BPA-free. None of our products are tested on animals.

"I love to see anything that implies a simpler mode of life and a greater nearness to the earth." — Henry David Thoreau

At Rawganique, we grow weave knit sew simple pure earth-loving organic cotton linen hemp products. We speak French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Thai, and Tagalog. On parle Français. Wir sprechen Deutsch. Hablamos Espanol.

First off, you need to know that we are passionately in love with all animals and cannot stand cruelty towards animals in any shape or form! Our products are animal-friendly, as all products should be!

Who we are:

Off-Grid, Rural, Small Island, Small-Scale, Homesteaders, Real People, Passionate, (more)

Who we are not:

Big Business, Big City, Big Margin, Perfect... (more)

Who you are:
Connected to fellow beings, You cannot tolerate chemicals & toxins, You like dealing with real people (and you don't want to support sweatshops, overseas call centre, or slave labor), OCD (we are a little OCD too and you like us because we obsess over the purity of our organic natural products), You love animals and can't stand cruelty towards any creature... (more)

Who you are not:
You need cheap "organic" products without asking your politicians why the government subsidizes chemical animal cruelty farming and NOT organic agriculture, You have no patience for the postal system (OK UPS & FedEx now available so fast trackable shipments are now possible from WA!), OCD (the ± 2" in our handmade products could drive you crazy as our organic products are not mass-produced and not made by assembly lines so each piece has a character of its own), you are exacting and particular and make no allowance for the vagaries of small-scale handcrafted productions... (more)

From our customer Suzanne (Finland): "The amount of time you have expended meeting the needs of just one customer (namely me) is extraordinary. It's this type of individual attention that separates an exceptional company from the normal run-of-the-mill. No wonder you're building a steady clientele of life-long customers. Kudos to you!"

“I think we risk becoming the best informed society that has ever died of ignorance....” (Reuben Blades) Our mission is to make pure products that do not harm people, animals, or the planet because the current state of the world SCARES us and we are doing our best to change course and dispel the collective shroud of ignorance that the media pulls over us. We know that bees and birds are dying by the millions, the oceans are being acidified, the air is unfit to breathe, the rain water unfit to drink, the animals are being cruelly treated for monetary gain, gases and oils are being extracted out of the ground in unsustainable ways, factory workers are being paid wages no one can live on, and we are doing something about it by offering alternatives and points of view that will reverse these unsustainable trends. We refuse to use dioxin, formaldehyde, caustic acids, fire retardants, toxic industrial chemicals, and wrinkle-proofing chemicals in our products. We refuse to do business in known sweatshop countries. Our goal is to make everyday products as pure and uncompromising as possible, on a small human scale.

Curious? READ MORE.

Hemp Beanie Tuque Unisex Hemp Knit Ski Hat Tuque Beanie

RG-KNH1 Hemp Knit Beanie Tuque Toque. We grow, knit, and sew each hat for true purity. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Featuring natural dyes.

Price: US$15.00
organic hemp backpack Handcrafted Road Warrior Hemp Backpack

RGBG-046 Deluxe Road Warrior Zippered Hemp Backpacks with padded structure. Made in-house in our European atelier for true purity. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Natural and brown. Roomy! 11" x 15" x 8".

Price: US$139.00
organic irish linen t-shirt Inverness S/S 100% Org Irish Linen T-shirt (New Cut)

RGMST-862 Rare & unique 100% organic Irish linen knit T-shirt. Soft, cozy, silky. Unisex S - 2XL. Unbleached and undyed.

Price: US$59.00
Hemp Yoga Mat Asana 100% Hemp Yoga Mat (double layer)

100% hemp yoga mat. Double sided: one side 100% hemp knit, the other 100% hemp woven fabric. Organically grown European hemp. Handcrafted in-house for purity. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free.

Price: US$99.00
Organic Linen Sheets Parisian Organic French Linen Individual Sheets

Rare & unique organic French linen sheets. Made in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe. Individual organic linen sheets in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, & Cal King sizes. Extra-fine weave.

charcoal face mask Bamboo Charcoal Face Mask (65g)

One of the most detoxifying natural products known. It really works. Great for all skin situations.

Price: US$12.95
hemp sprouting bag Hemp Sprouting Bag - Nut Milk Bag

RG0089 100% pure hemp sprouting bag for making homegrown sprouts. Chemical-free. Sweatshop-Free. Made in-house at Rawganique's European Atelier: we grow, weave, and sew our hemp sprouting bags for true purity.

Price: US$19.95
Organic Linen Sheet Sets Sheet Sets: Parisian Organic French Linen Sheets

Rare & unique organic French linen sheet sets. Made in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe. Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, E. King, Cal. King sizes. $410 - $594.

Organic Linen Pillowcases Pillowcases: Organic French Linen Pillowcases

Rare & unique organic French linen pillowcases. Made in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe. Pillowcases and Shams in Standard, Queen, King sizes.

100% organic linen socks Schumann Elastic-free 100% Organic French Linen Terry Socks

RGFT-1080 Schumann Elastic-free 100% Organic French Linen Terry Socks. Similar to heritage hand-knitted socks from 200 years ago. Chemical-free. Made in-house for true end-to-end purity. Sweatshop-free. For men and women. Four sizes to cover women's 5 to men's 15 shoe sizes.

Price: US$16.00
Hemp Shirt Euro-style Short-Sleeve Hemp Shirt

RG577 Euro-style 100% hemp short-sleeve shirt. S - XXL. Roomy. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Limited availability.

Price: US$74.00
Organic Hemp/OC Chambray Sheets Hemp Chambray Bed Sheets Pillowcases Duvet Covers (EU)

Rare & unique. Organically grown European hemp and organic cotton chambray sheets. Made in-house at the Rawganique Atelier in Europe. Undyed, unbleached. Natural, and color-grown sage and earth brown. We grow, weave, and sew for true purity. Pillow cases, shams, fitted sheets, flat sheets, and duvet covers. $26 - $566.

short-sleeve organic linen shirt Canterbury Short-sleeve Organic Linen Shirt

RG515 Gotham Short-sleeve 100% organic linen dressy casual shirt. Ivory. S - XXL. Cut roomy. Sweatshop-free. Chemical-free. Made in-house in Europe. Closeout item.

List Price: US$79.00
Price: US$79.00
Sale Price: US$79.00
organic cotton eyeshade Dreamscape Organic Cotton Eyeshade Blindfold

RGAC-706 Dreamscape Unisex 100% organic cotton eyeshade eye cover eye mask with a unique design that blocks out the light by adapting to most facial features. Perfect for sleep, nap, and travel. Made in Europe. Sweatshop-free. Natural or Brown. Elastic-free. Velcro-free.

Price: US$16.95
Linen towel-weight bathmat Everington Organic Linen Terry Bathmats

Rawganique's rare & unique linen terry towel-weight bathmat from organically grown Irish linen. A classic since we introduced it in 1999. Completely unbleached & undyed. Made in-house at our European Atelier from start to finish for true purity.

elastic-free organic linen panty Saorise Elastic-free 100% Organic Linen Boy Shorts

RG399 Ladysmith Women's 100% elastic-free boy shorts. Made in USA from 100% organic USA pima cotton. S - XL. Natural, Black.

100% organic cotton ribbed knit. No elastic. No Lycra. No Spandex.

Price: US$32.95
organic cotton waffle towel Everdale Organic Cotton Honeycomb Woven Bath Towels

Certified organic cotton waffle weave towel. Sweatshop-free. Completely unbleached & undyed.

organic cotton eye mask Dream Maker Organic Cotton Eyeshade (Dark Grey Stripes)

RGAC-705 Dream Maker Organic Cotton Eyeshade. Velcro closure in back. Only Dark Platinum Grey Stripes left on this discontinued product. One size fits most.

List Price: US$16.95
Price: US$16.95
Sale Price: US$13.95